About Us

Quality matters

After 10 years working together, our team of 5 all began to share a new set of interests: nutrition, longevity, biohacking. As we left our carefree youth behind, we started to switch on to the idea that what we do, what we eat and the supplements we consume affect our physical and mental wellbeing – and our expected lifespan. SuperSelf is a way for us to share the information, scientific guidance and high quality nutritional supplements that we’ve sourced with you.

No BS – just the information you need

We believe everyone should have access to nutritional supplements that provide clear facts about dosage, known effects and side effects, recent research results, uses in historical or traditional medicine – and, of course, use high quality ingredients and meet safety and manufacturing quality tests. When we realised it was impossible to find dietary supplements that met even half these criteria, we knew something had to change: we launched SuperSelf in April 2019.

Made with love – and science

SuperSelf is a true passion project: the five of us (Max, Boris, Maria, Artem and Andrei) spend our workdays talking about our hobby with some of our favourite people. We are proud to be transparent about the whole process of supplementation, from our ingredients (free from synthetic enhances or preservatives) and manufacturing processes (tested and certified) through to why we’ve chosen a particular blend of ingredients (we can talk about that all day!) and what they do (positive effects and health warnings). 

We are always learning and love hearing from our customers and anyone passionate about health, nutrition and wellness. Follow us or get in touch on Facebook and Instagram.