Shilajit Resin - 20 G

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A unique natural substance, shilajit is found only in certain mountain areas. Rich in minerals, fluvic and humic acids, it is used in numerous traditional remedies.

  • Pure shilajit
  • Ethically harvested
  • 250mg per dose, 80 doses per jar

    About shilajit

    A unique taste of a traditional world

    Believed to be created by the slow fermentation of plants over centuries, shilajit resin is a unique substance only found in a few areas. SuperSelf shilajit is sourced at high altitudes (over 15,000ft / 4,500m). It has a thick, tar-like consistency, dissolving easily in warm water. Packed with minerals as well as humic and fulvic acids, its unique properties have been highly valued for centuries and are only now starting to be recognised in the wider world.

    Pure, natural shilajit

    Highly valued and used in numerous traditional practices, shilajit is purely plant-based. SuperSelf shilajit contains no additives or bulking agents. Each jar contains only pure, natural shilajit, ethically sourced, of the highest grade, and processed under strict standards to preserve the intrinsic qualities of this unique substance. Shilajit is rich in minerals as well as fulvic and humic acids, which help metabolize proteins and vitamins.

    Ready to use

    A potent traditional supplement, shilajit is taken in tiny doses of 0.25g per day (about the size of a small pea). Each jar contains 80 servings. We recommend taking a daily dose for 2 months, then taking a 2 week break before starting again. A natural resin, shilajit gets soft and sticky when warm and hardens when cool. If you’re struggling to get a consistent dose, gently warm the jar. Shilajit should be dissolved in warm water before drinking – it has a strong taste, so some prefer to add it to herbal tea.


    Shilajit Resin


    Use a small spoon to take shilajit out of the bottle. Stir a pea-sized amount (250 mg) in a glass of hot water or drink. Take once a day.

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